Guided tours and excursions

Backstage visits, themed tours, bike or Segway excursions, minibus or double-decker bus rides… Discover Paris and its region in a new way!

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Our selection of guided tours and excursions in Paris Region

Guided tours and excursions in Paris Region

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Paris Region with guided tours and unusual excursions that reveal the well-kept secrets of the City of Light. Accompanied by passionate local guides, wander the cobbled streets of historic districts, discover bustling markets, and sample the flavours of local gastronomy on culinary strolls. Unique experiences await you, such as themed tours focusing on art, history or literature, as well as off-road excursions that take you to little-known and unusual places. Whether you want to explore the iconic sites of Paris or discover hidden treasures away from the tourist crowds, guided tours and unusual excursions offer you an authentic and rewarding way to discover the Paris Region.

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