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The limits of humanity

From 13 October 2021 to 30 May 2022, explore the possible future of Humanity at a multidisciplinary exhibition combining science and art.

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For its new exhibition, the Musée de l’Homme at the Trocadéro de Paris, delves deeply into its favourite subject and manipulates it to provide a glimpse of the human race as it might be in the future.

From present-day humans to transhumanism

The exhibition The Limits of Humanity takes you time travelling. Not to the past, but towards a possible future. By questioning the limits of Humanity and how humans try to overcome them, it allows us to glimpse and explore a viable future for our species and the planet.

The visit unfolds in six stages, starting from the state of Humanity as it is now and gradually moving forwards towards a picture of an improved and modified human striving to reach the state of invulnerable superhuman by means of technological advances and an increase in our physical and intellectual capacities.

The first part of the exhibition looks at the fine line between humans and animals. Although we humans have long considered ourselves superior to animals, our discoveries concerning their capacities have them seem closer to us, and so the definition of a human being is becoming more difficult to establish. In the second part, athletes keep pushing back their limits ever further, in order to become better and better and achieve the status of champion. For many years now, we have been prone to imagine the Human of the future as a real cyborg, with robotic elements built into the flesh-and-blood body. In the third part of the exhibition, Humanity becomes enhanced and connected, before crossing the dividing line to become a true mutant, giving rise to real ethical questions. The fifth part shifts forward a little further still to the notions of transhumanism and immortality. The exhibition ends with an uncertain future for humans on an ailing planet.

At the end of the visit, visitors are invited to reflect on a few questions concerning their future in relation to their human condition. Might not these changes lead to humans losing their humanity and becoming fundamentally selfish? Might not the progress we have made in ensuring humanity’s well-being ultimately bring about our own downfall by endangering the planet?

A skilful mix of science and art

An immersive experience, The Limits of Humanity mixes genres and combines museography with contemporary art works, contrasting objects, multimedia devices and audiovisual projections to illustrate the point.

During your visit, you'll come across the installation “Quadrum” by Samuel Yal, designed especially for the exhibition, as well as hybrid beings, a cyborg cast, a style of football boot aimed at boosting sports performance, prostheses, exoskeletons, vanities, body-art photographs and, even more astonishing, Zinedine Zidane's puppet used for the French television show “Les Guignols de l'Info” (a latex puppet show, similar to the British Spitting Image)!

To extend the exhibition, the Musée de l'Homme is staging many additional events, free or with an admission charge. There are guided tours, workshops during the school holidays, free entertainment, screenings and get-togethers, all for really getting your teeth into the subject.

And if you are passionate about the future of humanity, come to the exhibition Renaissances at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie to imagine the shape of life on Earth after a collapse. Two exhibitions deeply rooted in current issues.

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17 place du Trocadéro
75016 Paris 16ème

    Bus: lines 22, 32: Sheffers or Trocadero stop; lines 30, 63: Trocadero stop; line 72: Pont d'Iéna stop (then walk up the Jardins du Trocadéro) Metro: line 6 and line 9 - Trocadéro station Exit N°6 " Avenue Paul Doumer - Musée de l'Homme ". River shuttle: Eiffel Tower stop (Batobus, Bateaux parisiens, Vedettes de Paris)

    Days and opening hours

    From 13/10/2021 to 30/05/2022 between 11 am and 7 pm except on January 1st, May 1st and December 25th. Closed on Tuesday.


    • Full price: 12 €, Reduced price: 9 €.

      Single ticket for collections + temporary exhibitions Free for EU residents up to the age of 26.


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