Personnages en Scène pour Le Parcours du Roi dans la Galerie des Glaces au Château de Versailles

The King's Tour

From 16/12/2023 to 07/01/2024
From 16 December 2023 to 7 January 2024, on the occasion of the end-of-year festivities, immerse yourself in the baroque atmosphere of the Château de Versailles during an exceptional visit and show.

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The magic of Christmas is going royal at the Palace of Versailles!

For the end-of-year celebrations,the Palace is all illuminated to give you an unforgettable experience.

At nightfall, when the last visitors of the day leave with stars in their eyes, the Palace of Versailles falls silent again, as if about to fall asleep. But behind the scenes, we can hear a few musical notes from instruments being tuned, the click of swords clashing, and the soft rustle of dresses gliding across the floors.

An exceptional show at the Château de Versailles

The musicians, dancers, singers, fencers and actors in period costume are preparing to welcome you into the rooms of the Palace, under the gilding of the Grand Apartments, to offer you a very special experience, as if time is standing still: a show visit that is truly exceptional. For over an hour, to the rhythm of music and baroque dance, stroll with them from the Hercules Salon to the Queen's Bedroom via the Hall of Mirrors, the jewel of the Palace with its 73 metres’ length and its marbles, frescoes and the 357 mirrors that have helped make it legendary. The royal fireworks fired from the palace gardens illuminate the Palace, making it look all the more beautiful! You will then continue on to the Galerie des Batailles where a very special guest awaits you: the Baroque Santa Claus!

Be the privileged guest of an extraordinary palace, a palace of excess, over which still hangs the shadow of the crowned heads who left their mark on it.

An exceptional evening at the Palace of Versailles that will delight young and old alike!

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From 16/12/2023 to 07/01/2024, daily. Performances at 6pm, 6.25pm, 6.50pm, 7.15pm and 7.40pm.


  • Single ticket: from €32 to €37 Prestige ticket: from €42 to €49 (best placement in the Hall of Mirrors, a glass of champagne or a soft drink and a Christmas bag at the end of the visit). Free for children aged 0 to 3.


Spoken languages

  • French
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Château de Versailles
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