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Like a guardian angel, he’s by your side in the city and answers instantly your questions, wishes and needs. Simple, right?

With your City Helper, everything becomes easy. He’s:

  • Your personal assistant: get all the answers to your questions, at every moment
  • Your tour guide: build a stay that suits you exactly, with a city expert
  • Your Parisian advisor: do the typical activities and unusual ones, according to your wishes
  • Your concierge: enjoy all your activities booked without commission, as soon as you need
  • Your interpreter: ask a bilingual person that translates you everything, instantly
  • Your GPS: get the routes and their precise explanations, wherever you are

The service is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French.

Practical information:

Phone:+33 (0) 1 85 09 18 75

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City Helper

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