Splendeurs des Oasis d'Ouzbékistan, fresque de Varaksha

The splendours of Uzbekistan's oases

Until 06/11/2023
From 23 November 2022 to 6 March 2023, the Louvre Museum takes you to the heart of Central Asia, to Uzbekistan. 170 exceptional works and a wonderful journey back in time on the Silk Roads.

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The musée du Louvre takes you on a journey to the heart of Central Asia and its splendours, a journey through space and time in which the names of Gengis Khan, Tamerlane, Marco Polo, the mythical cities of Samarkand and Bukhara, as well as other trading posts which have revealed works of art that are now listed as objects of world heritage.
The riveting tale of 17 centuries sheds light on why this far-flung region near China and India fascinated Alexander the Great and the caliphs of Baghdad.

On the Silk Roads at the Louvre Museum

With more than 170 works, including Uzbek national treasures never before shown in the West, and loans from major European and American museums, this unique exhibition promises a few cultural shocks and moments of wonder. Among the masterpieces presented, and specially restored for the exhibition, take the time to admire the monumental wall paintings of the Samarkand ambassadors' palace and its region, the pages of one of the oldest monumental Qurans from the beginning of Islam from Katta Langar, in Sogdiana (central Uzbekistan), and gold treasures from Bactria (southern Uzbekistan), silver, silk, and fine ceramic.
The exhibition also showcases several masterpieces from the famous 16th-century miniature paintings of the School of Bukhara. Statues, sculptures, jewellery, frescoes, ceramics, illustrations, art objects, clothing… provide a precious testimony to the richness of trade in this part of the world, from the first silk routes to the Renaissance, via the arrival of Islam in Central Asia in the 6th century.

The exhibition can be seen in two places: The Painting of the Ambassadors, a masterpiece from the Afrasian Archaeological Museum in Samarkand, and a selection of 12 works are presented on the ground floor of the Department of Islamic Art. They evoke the theme of the caravan routes as issues of diplomatic exchange between China, India and the Middle East, as well as economic, cultural, technological, artistic and religious exchanges. The other 150 works are in the Richelieu Gallery.

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