Le Jules Verne

Le Jules Verne

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is home to a gourmet restaurant? On the second floor of Paris’s iconic landmark, French cuisine rubs shoulders with the stars!
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What better inspiration than that of Jules Verne to head to the Eiffel Tower, that mad embodiment of all the utopian technologies of the 19th century?

Climbing up the monument is always as disorienting as it must have been to its first visitors in 1889, who feared that they would run out of air at such unprecedented stratospheric heights! To this day, people still perform a daily feat on this Promethean tower: that of offering, in an extremely cramped kitchen 115 metres above the ground, an exceptional meal, a true standard of French gastronomy.

At the helm of the Jules Verne is one of the best chefs of his generation, Frédéric Anton, crowned with three Michelin stars, accompanied by the indefatigable Thierry Marx.

The metal beams of the Iron Lady outside and the view over the City of Light, simply radiant at nightfall, make for a truly unforgettable experience in an unparalleled setting. Book your table well in advance!

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75007 Paris 7ème

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