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The rainbow of love… Paris is a renowned and appreciated LGBT and gay-friendly destination. Here are five places to prove it!

The gay science

The Mots à la bouche a political and activist bookshop celebrates all sexual orientations. Everyone can find something that’ll make him happy thanks to a large novels collection, coffee table books, and magazines. The eclectic bookshop draws a line through all eras and genres, from Colette to Judith Butler and from Plotin to Proust.

Mots à la bouche : 6 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie. M° Saint-Paul

 Les Mots à la bouche

Taking the streets!

Famous LGBT scene, the Marais has a worldwide reputation. Its history is tightly intertwined with tolerance and multiculturalism, as it was both a place for Eastern Europe Jewish and Chinese people from Wenzhou. Nowadays, the cosmopolites Marais keeps on celebrating diversity. Enjoy a delightful stroll in its tiny streets full of ardor and life. But Marais would not be Marais without its famous nightlife where all the colors of the rainbow meet. It’s party time till the end of the night!

The Tata Burger is the perfect place for a delicious break. Here we have a restaurant unlike the rest in the heart of the district. To enjoy homemade burgers with whimsical names in an exuberant atmosphere.

Rose isn’t’ just a flower

Well-known of the night birds, it’s been already 10 years that the Rosa Bonheur has established itself in the Pavillon des Buttes Chaumont, one of Paris biggest park. Named after a famous painter of the XIXth century and early feminist Rosa Bonheur this « guinguette » (popular drinking establishment and a big part of Paris culture) defends freedom over anything else. With its ecstatic DJ sets and a genuine, no fuss, down-to-earth attitude Rosa Bonheur is night birds’ paradise.

Terrasse du Rosa Bonheur aux Buttes Chaumont%252C Paris 2017.

Cheeky Paris

Jean-Paul Gaultier doesn’t need much of an introduction. The « enfant terrible » of French fashion is back with its new production: «Fashion Freak show». Poet Charles Baudelaire would have probably liked this burlesque revue him who claimed: «The beautiful is always strange.»Fast-paced choreographies, a peculiar taste for the ambiguous and daring to be different are three things to describe best the show. Gender fluidity is another major topic. Playful and pleasing, the «Fashion Freak show» goes beyond the superficial and the artificial to reveal the naked truth. From kid excitement, discovering the dazzling shows of Folie Bergères to the political years of Act up, Jean-Paul Gaultier tells us the story of his life and how he became the most acclaimed fashion designer we all know.

Our selection

Rosa Bonheur Buttes-Chaumont
Rosa Bonheur
Nestled under the trees in the heights of the Buttes-Chaumont park, this friendly bar has become a much-loved destination for early evenings out in the open air.
Bois de Boulogne
Cabaret Michou
Michou’s drag cabaret has been delighting visitors since 1956 with one-of-a-kind dinner shows in Paris – get ready for a magically quirky evening!

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